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The main goal of TEWA Multipurpose Co-coperative ltd. is to promote saving and credit program for the upliftment of member’ economic condition for their self-reliance.


To make people aware on the importance of Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. and to make people the habit of savings and aware them to reduce unnecessary expenses.​​


To facilitate members for strengthening their economic condition in carrying out skill enhancement training. To promote saving groups within artisans and craftsmen in Lalitpur.​

Tewa Multi Purpose Co-Operative

Lalitpur is known as a city of good craftsmen and beautiful monuments, pagodas, shrines, temples and monasteries. Most of the people in this city is associated with handicraft works such as, carving, filigrees goods, metal statue buildings, wooden carving. masks production and silver ornaments and so on. These artisans are still following traditional techniques only. It seems there is lack of collective action within the artisans, they could not modify and promote their occupation even though they have skills and manpower because of lack of sufficient working capital. The access of credit is difficult for them. They are also very hesited and unfamiliar with bureaucratic system in formal financial organization to enhance credit in need.

A group of young people have started to run a saving and credit co-operative Ltd. named TEWA MULTIPURPOSE CO-OPERATIVE LTD. It was registered on 2064.This co-operative Ltd. is based on its internal resources i.e. saving deposites and share capital.

As Co-operatice idea is practically sound to the members, each member introduces the idea to non-members of different communities. TEWA has promoted several savings and credit in Lalitpur Municipality