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Access your account through your mobile phone securely with our Mobile Banking platform. The mobile banking service is an excellent way to operate your account information and real-time transaction capabilities at a true “anyone, anywhere, anytime” convenience.

Take command of your co-operative account discover faster yet the simplest way to banking with our mobile banking app.

Mobile Banking Features

Get the benefits of mobile banking service with given features:

  • Enquire account information.
  • Mini statement view.
  • Fund transfer between accounts that are registered.
  • Funds transfer to any customer’s account within the bank.
  • National and international air and bus tickets can be booked.

The scope of Mobile Banking services shall not only be limited to the features mentioned above and is subject to review according to market trends and customer needs.

Tewa Multipurpose Co-operative ltd.

Co-operative formed to help the public in their imperfect time to make it perfect for future life.

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  1. utshab

    kasto cha yo banking online sabai milxa ke mildaiana

    1. Tewa Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd.

      online payment haru sabai garna milxa sir

  2. shyam

    cooperative ko pane mobile banking

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