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Tewa Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd.

The organization was established by a gathering of 40 members including 6 women and 34 men on August 3, 2008 with a share capital of one lakh per person. Has worked to motivate the members to save regularly from the income they have earned and to provide loans to the members at reasonable interest rates for productive, income-generating and skill-oriented purposes from the accumulated capital. We are now in the 13th year after completing its 12th year. The main objective of this organization is to make the members socially, culturally and economically prosperous. The jurisdiction of this cooperative society is L.P.M.N.P. Besides, Godavari, Badikhel, Chapagaon, Sunakothi, Jharuvarasi, Imadol, Dhapakhel, Godamchaur, Thaiba and Harisiddhi VDCs. Is limited throughout. At present, we are in the forefront in the cooperative market in paid-up capital, deposit collection, loan investment, profit making, contribution to the Government of Nepal in revenue and total turnover. We will always be committed to institutional good governance, including rewards to members. We express our commitment to all the shareholders and the general Nepali citizens to play a leading role in the overall cooperative  movement of  Nepal by further strengthening the organization in the future.

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Savings income is not spent, or is deferred consumption. Savings methods include keeping money aside, for example, in the form of a deposit account, pension account, investment fund, or cash. Saving also means reducing costs.


We would like to inform that the institution has been following the principle of differentiation in loan investment and has been disbursing loans in the loan headings mentioned in the details. We have made it easy and quick for our member dignitaries to make the delivery possible.